Customer Service vs Client Experience - What’s the Nutri-Lawn Vancouver Difference?

Customer Service, Client Experience, Customer Care….there are a lot of buzzwords out there these days that companies use to win over the paying public.  Why so many phrases and what do they mean? What’s the difference? Let’s take a look.


Customer Service is a term that we are all familiar with, but what is the actual meaning of that phrase?  According to the Oxford Dictionary, customer service is defined as:

“​the help and advice that a company gives people who buy or use its products or services”

With this definition it is easy to see that this term only comes into play after a purchase is made.  Once we have spent our hard-earned money on a product or service, Customer Service is there to ensure that our questions about how to use this new purchase are answered; that any trouble-shooting needs are attended to and overall making sure that our interaction with this company was a good one.  The issue here is that these are all things that happen after the purchase and are typically only about the one purchase and not intended to win a customer for life.

Another issue presented by Customer Service focused companies is the separation of their internal departments.  When practicing customer service, the responsibilities are often given to each department of that company individually.  This will lead to each department having their own goals and processes to achieve the best customer service, not to mention different training methods from department to department.  So rather than the employees coming together, united in their commitment to providing the best to their customers, you instead feel ignored, confused, forgotten, or receive such different experiences from purchase to purchase it makes you question buying from that company again.

Let’s now take a look at what the definition of Client Experience is:

“Client Experience is the total journey of a Client’s interactions with a brand.”

This definition is far more inclusive of actual and true satisfaction with your interactions with a company.  From the moment you start researching the product or service you are wanting to spend your money on, right through the purchase and even afterwards.  Whether a question comes up, tech support is needed, you have a complaint or even just to see how happy you are, Client Experience is there to make sure that you are not just satisfied, but happy with your interaction, from start to finish and all over again.

Another big difference between these terms is that Customer Service is often reactionary, where Client Experience is pro-active.  A company only focused on Customer Service is most likely only going to be contacted when a customer is not happy with that company.  They wait to hear the complaint and then will react if needed. Conversely, Client Experience companies will reach out many times to their Clients, ensuring that their journey with the company is friction-free.

Client experience measures how customers feel about a company overall and includes the emotional, physical, psychological connection Clients have with a brand. It isn’t a one-off interaction, but rather includes the entire customer lifecycle and every touchpoint a customer has with a product or service.

Enter Nutri-Lawn Vancouver.  

Here at Nutri-Lawn Vancouver, we are true believers in Client Experience.  In fact, our Mission Statement reads:

Inspiring moments of Joy. One person and one home at a time.

At our core, we live to make our clients happy.  Whether that means raking some leaves before we complete a service, answering questions when a new client is considering joining our family, or even sending a card of thanks.  Clients are at the centre of everything that we do.  

When you are looking for your next service company, think of the Nutri-Lawn Vancouver difference and ask yourself, don’t you deserve better?

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