Seed Talk - What Is The Best For Your Lawn?

by Robert Bourne, Nutri-Lawn Vancouver on Apr 26, 2019 2:00:05 PM

Nutri-Lawn Vancouver uses a Custom Blended Certified Rye Grass.

For the last few weeks we have been talking about how to create a healthy environment for your grass to grow in.  We started by looking at the soil and the importance of balancing your pH, how important a Core Aeration is to have done every year, how and why weeds and moss grows as well as some typical issues we hear from clients that they need solved. 

Today, we are going to add Seeding and Compost into our discussion. Each year, your lawn should have seed added to it. How much you ask? And what option is best for my lawn? Glad you asked!!  Let’s start with the type of Grass Seed. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver uses a Custom Blended Certified Rye Grass. Although there are plenty of options out there to choose from, this blend of grass does the best in our Lower Mainland Rainforest climate. In the Pacific Northwest ryegrass is the perfect blend for our humid summers and damp winters. This type of grass seed also germinates faster than any other common grass seed. 

Selecting the right grass seed is very important.

Now for the amount. Nutri-Lawn Vancouver offers 4 options when it comes to levels of seed.  When determining which option is best, our first question is always: Are there any bare areas in the lawn? If there are, the amount of seed we recommend will be based on the size of the largest bare spot. If it is bigger than the size of your first, we would recommend one of our higher options which uses either 12 or 15 lbs of seed for every 1,000 sqft of lawn. The bigger the bare areas, the more seed we need. If you have bare spots, but smaller than your fist, we would recommend our lower option which uses 10 lbs of seed for every 1,000 sqft of lawn space. And what about if there are no bare spots per say, but since the grass dies off it is important to add new seeds to thicken and “freshen” the lawn. For this purpose, we recommend our 3-in-1 Seed and Feed which is a combination of Seed, Fertilizer and Pelletized Organic Compost. 

Now, I must also take a moment to talk about watering those seeds. Whenever you have put seeds down, they must remain moist for a full 2 weeks (minimum) but, 3 weeks is best. In fact if those seeds get wet and then for any reason dry out, they will no longer germinate and instead, die off.  So, we like to tell our clients to stick your finger into the soil up to your first knuckle and ensure that the soil is moist. If not, more water is needed!

Whenever you have put seeds down, they must remain moist for a full 2 weeks.

For those of us that are busy throughout the day and may need a little assistance keeping those new seeds moist, Nutri-Lawn recommends our secret weapon - Pelletized Organic Compost! This wonder product actually will, among other wonderful benefits, act like a sponge and help retain moisture for those new seeds! But what else can it do? Glad you asked!!  Our Pelletized Organic Compost will also add micronutrients into the soil, help to break down any thatch layer you have, promotes a wide range of beneficial microbes that will compete against disease organisms and is excellent in both heat and drought situations. Unlike grass seed - this product can also be applied all year long!

Still not sure what option is best for your lawn?  Never fear - Nutri-Lawn is here!! Call the experts at Nutri-Lawn and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you!  Take back your weekend and let Nutri-Lawn take care of the lawn!  No time to call? Chat with us, find us on social media, or shoot us an email - we’re here to help!

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