Renovation Service Package
Renovation Service Package

Renovation Service Package

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Has the Winter and Fall Season done damage to your lawn?  Bare, thin, mossy areas?  Your lawn will greatly benefit from our Renovation Service Package.   By creating a welcoming environment for new seedlings and stimulating new growth, your lawn will begin to thrive and return to its former glory!

Our Renovation Service Package includes: 

Slit-Seeding with Certified Premium Seed

Slit Seeding is completed in a "north/south & east/west" crosshatch pattern.  This method of application allows for optimal seed-to-soil contact providing excellent germination results.  Applying certified seed at 15 Lbs for every 1000 sq ft gives your lawn every opportunity to flourish.

Pelletized Organic Compost

Our Pelletized Organic Compost offers naturally occurring nitrogen & bio-stimulants with microbial activity, along with water retention that will assist in the germination of newly applied seed.

Core Aeration

A Core Aeration by Nutri-Lawn ensures a reduction in compaction providing your newly seeded lawn with the BEST chance at optimal growth as well as the gift of nutrient absorption, airflow and moisture penetration.

Watering and keeping the seed and top dressing moist for two weeks is imperative for the best results.

Every experience with Nutri-Lawn Vancouver is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a personallized service that fits the mold of your life, the Renovation Service Package is for you.

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