Frequently Asked Questions

Your Nutri-Lawn Service Group knows that your time is valuable, so we have put together some of our Frequently Asked Questions....and their answers!  Don't see your question here?  Click on the icon in the lower right and chat with one of our Team right now!
1.  What happens after I purchase something on Shopify?
A:  Once you have hit the buy now button, our Team jumps into action making sure your account and services are all set up!  Within 1 business day you will receive an email confirming all of your new services and provide you with links to our Terms and Conditions as well as to our Online Account Set-up.  
Our next step is to visit your lawn to get your service(s) completed for you.  Our aim to is to complete your service(s) within 48 business hours from purchase - however, some of our services are weather and season dependent so there may be a delay.
2.  What if I have a question before buying?
A:  Great Question!  Our Team is always here to help and in fact -  you can reach us by phone at (604)524-4770, by email, by clicking on the chat box to the lower right, you can even text us (to the number above)!  
3.  How will I know when you are coming to complete a service?
A:  We know our clients are busy, so we are a paperless company!  That means we will send you notifications by email the day before your service will be completed - we will even let you know the name of the Turf Specialist that will be on your lawn!  After that, we will send you another email to let you know your service has been completed and advise you of any notes and recommendations from your Turf Specialist. 
4.  I only want this service(s) this year, is that possible?
A:  Not a problem!  All services purchased through Shopify will be for one year only and will not automatically renew next year.
5.  And if I do want this service(s) to repeat every year?
A:  We can help you there too!  Nutri-Lawn does have the option of Subscription Care for your account.  This means that the service(s) you opt into this designation will repeat every year until you ask us to stop!
6.  Is there anything I need to do with my lawn either before or after your services?
A:  Prior to any service we will complete on your lawn, we will send you that Before Service Email.  In this email we will let you know if there are any prep-work steps that should be taken.  For most services, this would entail making sure that the lawn is mowed and/or watered as well as making sure that any irrigation heads for sprinkler systems are marked.
Additionally, we like to tell our clients that we will take care of 80% of the work, we only ask that our clients take care of 2 things:  Mowing and Watering. 
 7.  Am I able to speak with one of your Turf Specialists on my lawn?
A:  Absolutely!  Not only will we email you the day before your service to let you know the schedule, but we will also send an email when we are on our way to your property!  Can't meet us that day?  Not a problem!  We are happy to schedule a visit with you when you are available!  We work Monday through Saturday and can accommodate most time requests too! 
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