Tree & Shrub Deepfeed Program

Tree & Shrub Deepfeed Program

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Introducing Nutri-Lawn's DeepFeed Fertilizing for your Trees and Shrubs

Why Fertilize your Trees and Shrubs?

Our DeepFeed service nourishes and feeds the soil, thereby creating a robust and healthy rooting environment that will minimize both man-made and natural stress.

DeepFeed is a 2 visit program that includes a spring and fall Deep Root Injection of slow-release liquid fertilizer that is a specialty blend of essential ornamental nutrients and beneficial organisms engineered for tree and shrub applications.

How do we fertilize your Trees and Shrubs?

The benefit of adding beneficial bacteria, bio-stimulants and other 'food' for the microbes in the soil is that you significantly increase the availability of nutrients already there by 'feeding the soil' rather than the plant.  By adding these nutrients back into the soil we significantly increase the available resources not just for the Tree/Shrub itself, but also to the surrounding soil. By "feeding the soil" we are not just nourishing the plant, but ensuring that the environment that plant lives in is as healthy as possible as well.

The goal of this application is to apply the fertilizer in a place where the majority of the roots can absorb it. Most tree and shrub roots are found two to ten (5 to 25 cm) inches deep in the soil. These plant roots generally spread over an area slightly larger than its canopy or drip line. The greatest concentration of these active "feeder" roots is near or within the drip line.  

Life is too short to live without the Tree & Shrub Deepfeed Program. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023
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